Monday, March 8, 2010

Avatar and me

I look like one of the blue people from Avatar. I don't know the name of the blue people because I didn't see the movie. Any movie that gives people strokes is a movie I avoid. Being a hypochondriac is one of my defining characteristics, and I try to aggravate it as little as possible. Ironically, it is also what has me thinking of Avatar. Last Friday I developed a blemish on my forehead--right between my eyes. Since about sixth grade the experts have been telling me to leave blemishes alone, and I have been disobeying them. So, now that I poked and pressed the skin between my eyebrows for three days, it has finally retaliated in earnest by swelling up to make me look like one of the people from Avatar--in other words, a cat. It is so swollen and painful, in fact, that I am now convinced that the bacteria is seeping into my brain and will soon cause a brain stem infection from which there is no cure. And I will die.

I should have just seen the movie.

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